Project Management

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The objective of the studies is to get the elementary knowledge of project management. Student gets acquainted with project planning and project control.

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This project management module is recommended for all students as well as anyone interested in project management.

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Study material is located in Optima learning environment. The material includes five parts:

1. Introduction
2. What is a Project?
3. Starting a Project
4. Planning Projects
5. Managing Projects

This material also includes lists of books and www-links for additional information. The material is available through the whole learning period for all students.

The students study the material and take part in web-conversation. The study task is to make a project plan. The student can choose the topic of his / her project. The project plan will be sent to tutor teacher before the course is finished.

Tutor teacher is available for students during the whole study. As interaction toolOptima learning environment is used. Tutor teacher gives time tables for the course, follows the studies, answers questions, gives feedback and approves the project plans.



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Students receive grade 0-5.







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Koulutus alkaa 7.11.2018
Koulutus päättyy 16.1.2019
Hakuaika päättyy 21.10.2018
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